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Stewards & Trustees

Board of Stewards
Stewards are the Pastor’s cabinet. They serve as the personal advisors to the pastor. Stewards must be committed to addressing the spiritual concerns of the church as well as some temporal duties, but their primary duty is to the church. Stewards are expected to be fair, clear-sighted, level-headed, and capable of exercising good judgment. It is also their responsibility to support the pastor's vision for the church. 
Steward Board:
Bro. Clarke Stewart 
Sis. Patricia Palmer 
Sis. Sandi Fowler
Sis. Tyger Conner

Sis. Peggy Gassberry-Jenkins
Bro. Curtis Nelson
Sis. Kymberly Stevenson
Bro. Fred Gaddy, Jr
Board of Trustees
Pro Tem
Asst Treasurer
Sis. Nikolle Ross 
Trustees hold responsibility for the temporal concerns of the church. They maintain and secure all the real and personal property of the church. All church property is held in trust for the Connectional AME Church. When real property deteriorates, members of the congregation are to look to the Trustees. Trustees are stewards over the property entrusted to them. Trustees not only maintain property, but they also to enhance it.
Trustee Board:
Bro. Jon Byal
Bro. Lee Harper
Bro. Paul Morrison
Bro. Michael Fowler
Bro. Lynn Lewis, Jr

Sis. Pamela Lewis
Vice Chair
Senior Trustee
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